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WiSDom - Water Intelligence System Data



The use of telemetry in the water supply systems allows the continuous monitoring of several water indicators (including pressure, flow, consumption, water levels, and water quality parameters such as chlorine and pH) to support the operation and management of water supply services.

The WISDOM project aims to develop algorithms to extract relevant information from these data in order to support decisions, improve network management, reduce water losses, and ensure a proper water supply in quantity and quality. The project consists of five major tasks: (1) exploratory data analysis; (2) predictive analysis of water consumption; (3) spatial location of breaks; (4) identification and anticipation of anomalous events; and (5) development of a prototype system for user recommendations and decision support.

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CEGIST Coordinator
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Polytechnic of Setúbal
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CEGIST - Centro de Estudos de Gestão
Instituto Superior Técnico

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