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Marisol de Brito Correia

Coordinating Professor

ESGHT, Universidade do Algarve & CiTUR


Marisol B. Correia is Coordinator Professor at the School of Management, Hospitality and Tourism (ESGHT) of the University of the Algarve (Portugal). She is the coordinator of CiTUR Algarve (Centre for Tourism Research, Development and Innovation), a member-collaborator of CinTurs (Research Centre for Tourism, Sustainability and Well-being) and is an external research fellow of the CEG-IST (Centre for Management Studies, University of Lisbon). Her PhD is in Electronics and Computer Engineering, Computer Science specialty. Her current research interests include business intelligence, information systems, e-tourism, website evaluation, evolutionary computation and ICT. She has published several scientific articles in several journals, has participated in funded projects and is a scientific reviewer of several international journals and conferences.


Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research | 2021

José Saura

Ana Reyes-Menéndez

Nelson DeMatos

Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research | 2021

Elena Fernández-Díaz

Nelson Matos

Social Sciences | 2020

Nelson Matos

José Saura

Ana Reyes-Menendez

Nuno Baptista

Research Groups



CEGIST - Centro de Estudos de Gestão
Instituto Superior Técnico

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