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Diana Rita Ramos Jorge


Instituto Superior Técnico


Diana Jorge received the M.S. degree in Civil Engineering and the Ph.D. degree in Transportation Systems (MIT|Portugal Program) from the University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal. She worked for two consultancy companies in the Netherlands as well as a real time delivery company in the UK. She has several papers published in international journals. The focus of her work/research is the optimization of different transportation problems, such as routing, drivers to jobs assignment, and load assignment in vehicles with several different compartments. Diana is currently an Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management at the U. Lusofona.


Journal of Air Transport Management | 2021

N. Antunes Ribeiro

A. Pais Antunes

Transportation Research Part B: Methodological | 2015

Goran Molnar

Gonçalo Homem De Almeida Correia

Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies | 2015

Cynthia Barnhart

Gonçalo Homem De Almeida Correia

Universidade de Coimbra Departamento de Engenharia Civil | 2014

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