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  • CEGIST 2021-2022 Biennial Report

    We are proud to present the CEGIST 2021-2022 Biennial Report, which includes CEGIST's research work in the years 2021-2022, under the presidency of Professor José Rui Figueira.

    Banner report 2021_2022
  • CEGIST Away-Day 2023

    Numbers were up this year with 40 CEGIST folk participating in the second annual CEGIST Away-day on 18 July. As in 2022, this took place in a beautiful setting off-campus.

    CEGIST Day 2023
  • CEGIST Away-Day 2022

    With the Second CEGIST Away-day taking place recently, this is a good time to recall the first event in 2022 at the Morgado Lusitano estate and stables in Bucelas, near Lisbon.

    Dia CEGIST 2022

Events & Seminars

Alameda Campus, DEG Meeting Room and Online | to
As part of CEGIST's seminar series, we are proud to announce that Marcos Estellita Lins (Federal…
Online Event | to
As part of CEGIST's seminar series, we are proud to announce that Martin Murmann (Bern University…
Online Event | to
As part of CEGIST's seminar series, we are proud to announce that José Palma-Oliveira (Faculdade de…
Alameda (DEG meeting room) and Online | to
The third CEGIST Brown Bag Seminar, an informal gathering for PhD students to engage and exchange…

Research Groups

The systems modelling and Methods of Operations reSearch And analytICs (MOSAIC) branch of CEGIST is devoted to modelling and solving real-world complex problems.
OpLog branch of CEGIST conducts multidisciplinary research driven by the challenges faced in industry and services organizations regarding the management of their operations, logistics and overall supply chain.
A multimethodological area that develops methods, models, decision-support tools and knowledge to assist engineering management practice.

SUSTAINS - SUSTainable solutions and Assessment for cIrcular economy Systems (SUSTAINS) is branch of CEGIST dedicated to research on sustainability practices in a circular economy perspective and sustainability assessment…

SEI branch conducts applied research in topics related with corporate strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation, and their relationship with industry dynamics, labour markets, and economic development.

Recent Publications

European Journal of Operational Research | 2023

Maria Meneses

Ana Barbosa-Póvoa

European Journal of Operational Research | 2023

João Almeida

José Figueira

Alexandre Francisco

Applied Economics Letters | 2023

Adriana Alventosa

Joana Pinho

Sílvia Jorge

Business Strategy and the Environment | 2023

Margarida Catalão‐Lopes

Joaquim Pina

Inês Carrilho‐Nunes


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