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Profit-Based Optimisation of Rolling Stock Rotations: A Case Study From North America

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As part of CEGIST's seminar series, we are proud to announce that Rita Portugal (SISCOG) will present the work "Profit-Based Optimisation of Rolling Stock Rotations: A Case Study From North America".

This seminar will take place on July 22 at 15:30, online via Zoom (link below)

Our seminars are free to attend and open to everyone. Please share with whomever may be interested.

Rita Portugal
Rita Portugal


In this talk Rita Portugal will explain how VIA Rail Canada, a major passenger railway operator in Canada, was able to schedule the network operations of rolling stock units in a more profitable way thanks to the use of an optimizer incorporated in FLEET, a decision support system developed by SISCOG. Problem statement and insights of the algorithmic support will also be provided. 
FLEET is a software product that provides decision support to assign a train formation to each trip (covering all or part of its passenger demand), satisfying all existing operational constraints. This component of the SISCOG product suite is successfully being used by VIA Rail Canada (VIA) to plan their intercity locomotive-hauled operation along a corridor connecting Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City.


Speaker's bio

Rita Portugal received her PhD in operational research from Faculdade de Ciências de Lisboa. She has been working on transportation planning since the very start of her professional life. The first years of her career were devoted to the development of algorithmic support for the optimization of bus drivers as a core part of a decision support system developed on a consortium of Portuguese passenger transportation companies and two universities. Since 2007 she is working at SISCOG on the Innovation Department. Currently she leads the team that develops the optimization engines used by FLEET, a decision support system for the scheduling and management of rolling stock operations in railway networks.


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