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CEGIST, the Centre for Management Studies of Instituto Superior Técnico, is a multidisciplinary research unit integrated in an engineering school that aims to explore and reinforce the links between management science and engineering approaches to stimulate creativity in problem-solving. CEGIST core research is focused on five main areas: DECISion science and management engineerING (DECISING), Systems modelling and Methods of Operations reSearch And analytICs (MOSAIC), Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SEI), Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (OpLog) and SUSTainable solutions and Assessment for cIrcular ecoNomy Systems (SUSTAINS).


CEGIST’s overall objective is to promote research opportunities associated with the development of knowledge, processes, tools, and methods required to make decisions and to shape public policies, to configure organizational structures and normative systems, to design engineering systems in sustainable patterns, and to solve problems associated with the information-intensive technology-based economy. Combining its different strengths, CEGIST manages and develops multi-diverse projects that aim to provide solutions and solve problems.

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As part of CEGIST's seminar series, we are proud to announce that Fernando Alexandre and Miguel Portela (Universidade do Minho) will present the work "Investment Grants and Firms’ Productivity: How…

The First IST Open Day took place on the dat

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As part of CEGIST's seminar series, we are proud to announce that Fernando Alexandre and Miguel…
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The third edition of the Workshop on…


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