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Applications Open | Recycling Machine Project

The deadline for submitting applications/models for the Recycling Machine project is open to all students, individually or in groups, until March 17th. The winner(s) of this competition will qualify for a prize worth €1200. The Recycling Machine project aims to create a new design environmental-friendly recycling machine to increase ecological awareness among Oeiras’ residents. This is a collaborative and multidisciplinary project funded by the Municipality of Oeiras in which SILAB@Tecnico, Junitec and Trash4Goods have come together.  The exterior of the innovative recycling machine will be made by the artist Luís Guerra, using end-of-life materials.

Please visit this link to know more about this project that combines art and technology to achieve a more sustainable world > The Recycling Machine / Máquina de Reciclar - SILAB (