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Glass Bottle

Mobile-Pro-U: Mobile Processing Unit to Recover Packaging Glass



The present project refers to the development of an integrated system to process waste streams targeting the maximum glass cullet recovery centred in Mobile Processing Units (MPU). The solution proposed in the project relies in the project of an innovative Mobile Processing Unit (MPU), incorporating a whole flowsheet able to process streams containing packaging glass, such as the heavy reject of MBT plants and the bottom ash of the incinerators fed with undifferentiated urban waste, that produces a glass product with added value. The ultimate goal is to increase the recovery of the packaging glass from urban waste not valued today. Each MPU will serve several resources of packaging glass. Another main innovation proposed in the project is the integrative consideration of the MPUs with the glass resources. The logistics, in the overall supply chain perspective, will be planned according to the economic, environmental and social concerns.

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CEGIST Coordinator
Proponent Institution
Maltha Glass Recycling Portugal, Lda
Funding Program
Ponto Verde Open Innovation
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