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WSmart Route+ : Towards a Smart Waste Collection Route Planning System



The WSmart Route+ project studies a new paradigm on smart waste management. Data analytics combined with route optimization will be explored to improve waste collection operation supporting the adoption of a smart waste collection based on dynamic routes as opposed to the traditional blind collection that is based on static routes. Everyday thousands of kilometres are travelled to collect tonnes of waste with high uncertainty on the amount of waste in each bin, a fact that can lead to inefficient collection operations where resources are used to collect often a small amount of waste. In such context, this project aims to develop and test a tool to predict fill-levels given the information from static sensors or mobile sensors or drivers and define optimal routes in a dynamic way, delivering both innovative scientific knowledge about data-driven optimization and practical benefits to society in terms of a workable tool. The ultimate goal of this project is to increase resources efficiency and improve service levels of waste management systems contributing to a sustainable development.

Contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):



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