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MOSAIC – systems modelling and Methods of Operations reSearch And analytICs


The systems modelling and Methods of Operations reSearch And analytICs (MOSAIC) branch of CEGIST is devoted to modelling and solving real-world complex problems, mainly through the design of single and multi-objective mathematical programming innovative tools (methodologies, methods, algorithms, and software), enabling  organizations to convert challenges into advantageous opportunities, helping to make better decisions in a vast range of areas of engineering and sciences. In complex systems, the process of converting data into information more often requires the development of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytical tools, which promotes interdisciplinarity research, integration of people, and internationalization. MOSAIC mission is thus grounded on the principles of interdisciplinarity, integration and internationalization. Its main objectives are: to foster interdisciplinary activity on modeling and solving optimization problems covering the various areas; to provide a platform for integrating people and promote cross-fertilization mainly for the development of mathematical programming tools and their application, in practice; and to promote the development of necessary theory to meet the needs of complex optimization problems by establishing international cooperation.

Group Leader

Selected Publications

Computers and Operations Research | 2018

P. Correia

L. Paquete

Computational Optimization and Applications | 2013

L. Paquete

M. Simões

D. Vanderpooten

Discrete Applied Mathematics | 2013

J. Roland

Y. De Smet