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SUSTAINS - SUSTainable solutions and Assessment for cIrcular ecoNomy Systems


SUSTAINS - SUSTainable solutions and Assessment for cIrcular economy Systems (SUSTAINS) is branch of CEGIST dedicated to research on sustainability practices in a circular economy perspective and sustainability assessment tools, conducting theoretical and practical research in three main topics: 1) Developing sustainable operations and supply chains solutions towards circular economy systems; 2) Economic, Environmental and Social evaluation through Life Cycle Assessment methodologies; and 3) Development of decision support tools for sustainability implementation and monitoring. We see our role in developing theory, models and tools, which help the diagnosis of current activities, propose more sustainable solutions in a long run and assess the sustainability improvements across time.  We conduct participatory action research, and use qualitative and quantitative approaches, to promote the aforementioned research. 

Group Leader

Selected Publications

International Transactions in Operational Research | 2023

Cátia da Silva

Cátia. da Silva

Journal of Cleaner Production | 2023

Joana Simões

Tânia Pinto-Varela

Margarida de Matos

Business Strategy and the Environment | 2022

Yasmim Pederneiras

Johann Meckenstock