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Upcoming Events & Seminars

Alameda Campus, DEG Meeting Room and Online | to
As part of CEGIST's seminar series, we are proud to announce that Eduardo Costa (CEGIST) will…

Research Groups

SUSTAINS - SUSTainable solutions and Assessment for cIrcular economy Systems (SUSTAINS) is branch of CEGIST dedicated to research on sustainability practices in a circular economy perspective and sustainability assessment…

A multimethodological area that develops methods, models, decision-support tools and knowledge to assist engineering management practice.
SEI branch conducts applied research in topics related with corporate strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation, and their relationship with industry dynamics, labour markets, and economic development.
The systems modelling and Methods of Operations reSearch And analytICs (MOSAIC) branch of CEGIST is devoted to modelling and solving real-world complex problems.
OpLog branch of CEGIST conducts multidisciplinary research driven by the challenges faced in industry and services organizations regarding the management of their operations, logistics and overall supply chain.

Recent Publications

Psychological Review | 2024
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials | 2024

R .Ferreira

H .Lopes

J.P. Lourenço

J .M.Silva

I.M. João

M .F.Ribeiro

A .Fernandes

Social Science & Medicine | 2024

Joana Pestana

João Frutuoso

Filipa Fonseca